Do Your Eyes Hurt When Watching TV? Here's How to Protect Your Eyes.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Too Much Screen Time

Do Your Eyes Hurt When Watching TV? Here's How to Protect Your Eyes.

November, 2018

Thanks to on-demand services like Netflix and so much good TV at our fingertips, it’s easy to forget that age-old adage about the effects of TV on eyesight.

But while your eyes won’t go square from watching too much telly, your vision could start to suffer. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Screen Eyecare:

Do Your Eyes Hurt When Watching TV? Here's How to Protect Your Eyes.

1. Give it some room

Space is your friend when you’re seeking to prevent eye strain. With large HD screens commonplace in most living rooms, there’s no need to sit pupil-to-pixel.. For a 40” TV, position yourself 2-3m away. For 50” move back to 2-3.5m.

2. Room to manoeuvre

It’s important to keep the TV level to the line of eyesight. This prevents craning your neck and looking up, which can strain eye muscles. Drawing the curtains can minimise glare on the screen but watching TV in the dark should be avoided. Some ambient lighting is recommended to avoid eye strain.

3. Break free

The thought of taking a break from the nerve-shredding tension of your favourite show may seem impossible. But your eyes will thank you for it! There’s a simple rule to remember: 20-20-20. After 20 minutes of TV/computer viewing, take a 20-sec break and look at something around 20-feet away. This will keep your eye muscles fit and protect both your vision and your viewing pleasure.

4. Eat. Sleep. Drink. Repeat

Staying hydrated and eating a balanced is vital for overall optical health, as is giving your eyes time to rest and recuperate with 7-8 hours of sleep.

5. Check out a check-up

If you are concerned about your eye-protection or encounter headaches or blurred vision, we’re ready to help. Call or book an appointment online.

Dr. Bains is a British Optometrist with 22 years of experience. She offers her clients Holistic Eyecare integrating nutrition and healthy lifestyle to ensure optimal vision.

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