Vision problems and experiences with nutritional intervention.

Presbyopia Supplement, Diet & Eye Health

June, 2019

In a recent BBC program "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor," Dr. Michael Mosley discussed his own vision problems and experiences with nutritional intervention.

Three months of lutein & zeaxanthin supplementation revealed remarkable improvement in his night vision, protective macular pigments, and normalisation in blue and yellow colour perception.

Multivitamins to slow down ageing

Many other studies confirm these nutrients can slow down or prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of blindness among the elderly followed by cataracts.

Food for the eyes

Some of the important nutrients for eye health are: lutein, zeaxanthin, meso-zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, anthocyanins, omega-3 fats, vitamin C & vitamin D.

Besides eating plenty of leafy and carotenoid-rich vegetables, and omega-3; it's important to normalise blood sugar and cut down trans fats. Excessive blood sugar can affect your ability to focus, and damage blood vessels in the retina.

Protection from blue light

Avoiding harmful blue light, at all times including night, can also help prevent vision deterioration. Special filters can be built into the prescription lens in addition to UV protection.

So YES it is possible to Optimize Your Eyesight by Eating Right and Living Healthy!!

Dr. Bains is a British Optometrist and owner of Royal London Optometry Boutique. She offers her clients Holistic Eyecare integrating nutrition and healthy lifestyle to ensure optimal vision. Your Vision – Your Health – Your Wellbeing…

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