Our Eye Care Technology

What Eye Exam Technology Do We Use?

The testing may vary slightly for each patient depending on age, condition, patient’s preference.

Our NIDEK Digital Retinal Camera takes a digital image of the back of the eye, and so gives us the opportunity to detect, view and monitor early signs of any sight-threatening eye conditions.

If required, the digital images of the retina can then be emailed to a doctor or ophthalmologist after your eye exam. Our state of the art retinal camera helps the early detection of problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal detachments and diabetic retinopathy. These conditions commonly affect hundreds of thousands of people in Canada; the sooner they are detected, the sooner we can suggest a solution.

The traditional ophthalmoscope does not take a picture of the eye, so after the eye examination, there is no visual record of its condition. In contrast, digital retinal photography gives us a permanent image of the eye which can then be compared to images taken in future years.

Digital Retinal Photography

Detect sooner. Protect more.

With certain eye conditions, the faster you act, the more you protect. That’s why we recommend OCT as part of your regular eye exam. It can help us detect sight threatening issues up to 5-10 years before traditional testing methods, and many years before you notice any change in your vision yourself.

What is OCT?

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive test that uses light waves [no radiation] to show cross-sectional pictures of the different retinal layers and works a little like ultrasound for the eye – allowing us to spot abnormalities up to 5-10 years before a traditional test.

It can spot early signs of:
Macula conditions including Age-related Macular Degeneration [AMD]; Gluacoma; Diabetes – by detecting Diabetic Retinopathy; Hypertension

(Click here to learn more about other common eye conditions.)

The images generated by the OCT are stored on your file so when you see us again for your next appointment, the images from the latest screening can be compared with previous images to see if anything has changed or deteriorated.

The sooner we detect, the sooner we can help you treat.

Why have an OCT screening?

Spot issues sooner – an OCT scan allows us to detect and monitor any changes to your eye health up to 5-10 years earlier than other methods of eye screening.

See more – we can instantly show you the 3D High Definition images of your eyes.

Build a more complete picture – all your scans are stored on your records. So from test to test, we can compare your OCT images, and quickly pinpoint any changes in your eye health.

The OCT examination is completely non-invasive and painless. Nothing touches your eye at all. It only takes a few seconds, after that the images generated are examined by your optometrist.

What can you see?

The OCT screening generates a series of 3D High Definition (HD) scans – just like the one below (click on images in enlarge):


We recommend you have them as part of your regular eye examination. That way you have ultimate peace of mind about your eye health.

How do I book it?

We are accepting new patients, no referrals necessary.

You can book an appointment online, call us on [778] 294-2236 or in person.

The eye uses central vision for “sight” to identify clarity and detail; and peripheral vision to assess our orientation in the world around us and to detect movement. Unfortunately, peripheral vision can be reduced or lost in conditions such as glaucoma and other optic nerve diseases, but also from damage to visual pathways, e.g. certain brain tumours, stroke. This loss is irreversible and may not be noticed until it is quite severe.

A.k.a. “the clicky test” it repeatedly presents a light spot in different areas of your peripheral vision.

The Zeiss VFA is known as Gold standard of perimetry worldwide. It tests the range and quality of your peripheral vision to identify any loss sooner and protect the vision. It is also used in combination with other testing to diagnose the severity and progression of disease.

Most people have had a traditional phoropter placed in front of your eyes to help the Optometrist select the correct prescription through a series of tests and lens changes. This automated version however allows for a smoother swifter test; and once your prescription is determined, our Doctor can instantly show you the comparison with your unaided eye, your current eyeglasses and the new prescription.

Before the Optometrist determines your ideal prescription, we use a computerised pre-screening instrument to obtain a starting point. This automatic result is then fine tuned into an exact prescription that will work best for you. Our prescreening equipment allows us to perform 4 tests-in-1, saving time and reducing the inconvenience of moving from one instrument to another. So, the corneal curvature and thickness and intraocular pressure are also measured from the same machine.

Clown Eye Exam

At Royal London Optometry, we utilise the latest technology from the UK in the form of a Computerised Test Chart.

The flat panel display has the most comprehensive range of vision assessment tools from letters, numbers, pictures, different languages, images for fixation including photographs and cartoons including our very own Coco the Clinic Clown!! In addition, it has great patient education animations and videos that help explain conditions in a more patient friendly manner.

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