Eyeglass Suppliers: Designer Eyeglasses & Frames

We Work With Many Different Designer Eyeglass Suppliers

Better together

At Royal London, we believe the best relationships are built on strong trust and shared values.

We see our suppliers as key stakeholders in our business. And working together, we know we can help our clients to access better products and services, that allow them to live their life to the full.

Who we work with

We work with many different suppliers; both big and small; from well known global leaders to exclusive boutique brands.

Of course, we look for partners who can give us a competitive advantage, and provide our clients with a variety of products, services and experiences that help them live life to the full. But we’re also mindful to choose only the highest quality suppliers, with great people, and a commitment to care.

What unites us

  • A set of common values
  • A shared passion for superior quality
  • A desire to create products that are ethically made and built to last
  • Driven to make constant improvements and deliver innovation
  • Efficient, reliable, cost-effective with manufacturer’s warranty

How we work

As a member of Canada’s leading network and buying group, we have the same buying power, access to products, and thus competitive advantage as the big box stores and retail opticals.

However the added benefit of being a 100% independent practice, is the professional freedom to select the most advanced technology, as well as contact lens and eyewear brands from the world’s most innovative companies.