Our Vision: Our Pledge To Customer Satisfaction

Why You Are Our Vision

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision = Your Vision = 100% customer satisfaction

  • We’re here to help more people live life as fully as possible
  • We believe everyone has the right to personalised and thorough eyecare, delivered with genuine care
  • We’re growing our business by attracting the best people to work as partners

Our vision will take us to exciting new places but we won’t stop there. Our ultimate goal is to drive, shape and secure the future for independent practices. Giving customers the clinical excellence they expect and the heartfelt service they deserve. It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it.

Our Values

What drives us? The same compelling vision, supported by our independent values – Listen, Empathise, Educate, Delight.

The values that bring us together are at the heart of everything that we do:

  • We support one another and reward the exceptional
  • We are with our customers for life
  • We continuously look for ways to improve
  • We work together as a team to grow the company
  • We go above and beyond

Our purpose

We put our heart and soul into helping customers live their lives to the full. We care that each person is examined in the most thorough and caring way possible.

We understand each customer’s needs, learn about your lifestyle, give you time and advice on completely personalised solutions to protect your eyesight – so that you can make the best choices for yourself.

It helps when you are working in a state of the art practice with advanced technology like OCT and retinal camera at your fingertips. Plus, the results are even more satisfying when you are working alongside licensed Dispensing Opticians who know just how to fulfil the prescription (no matter how complex).

We see things differently

For us, the customer journey is all about care – delivering clinical excellence through brilliant technology, all rooted in a deep understanding of each customer’s unique lifestyle – and delivered by amazingly passionate, caring and fully qualified staff.

We believe in taking time to deliver a genuinely personalised and caring service so our standard eye examinations last 30 minutes or longer; because great service makes people happy, and happy people stay with us for longer.